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Asset Search


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Are you an attorney, corporate officer or private investigator looking for comprehensive asset search information on a debtor - or who needs a complete asset search on behalf of your client? 

Are you a civil judgment creditor attempting a judgment collection, and require an asset search / bank account search / employment search to enforce your judgment?

The key to success for recovery, whether pre-judgment or post-judgment, is having solid, reliable information on your subjects.

Judgment Collection Specialists can help.  We are a reputable asset locator / bank account search specialist conducting asset searches on a Nationwide basis.  Using our asset search services can find hidden assets, including the following, and more:

  • Bank Account Search

  • Nationwide Bank Search

  • Real and Personal Properties Owned

  • Employment Search

  • Brokerage / Investment Search

  • Bank Account Balance Verification

  • Vehicle Registrations

  • Corporate and Business Affiliations

  • Liens and Judgments

  • Bankruptcy Filings

  • UCC Filings

  • Bank Account Searches

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Judgment Recovery







INDIVIDUALS - Please Click Here to go immediately to our Judgment Recovery Page.

Judgment recovery can prove to be a daunting challenge.  Research indicates that over 80% of civil judgments are never satisfied.  

Why?  Sometimes it's the law and the financial status of the debtor.  Sometimes it's simply that the judgment creditor does not have the knowledge or time to enforce the satisfaction of their judgment or judgments on their own

Although we are located in the metro-Houston area, we actively pursue and perform judgment collection  NATIONWIDE for law firms, attorneys and businesses from around the country.

After we have conducted a thorough asset search / bank account search and have a case assigned to our company, there are no further costs to your law firm or company.  We do not get paid until make a judgment collection for you.  

We accept high-quality, collectible cases where the principal rendered at verdict is $10,000 or more where an asset search has been purchased.

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:: Law Firms / Attorneys / 
Private Investigators

:: Individuals

:: Corporations / 
Financial Institutions / Government Agencies

Asset Search - Law Firms, Attorneys and Private Investigators - Are you looking for a bonded, insured, trustworthy and knowledgeable source for asset search  and bank account search information?

Judgment Collection Specialists partners with law firms, attorneys and private investigators to provide comprehensive, reliable asset search services - skip tracing, property searches, bank account search / bank account searches and asset search packages.  Our asset searches are nationwide and come with helpful analysis.

Judgment Recovery - Do you have one or more clients with a judgment or portfolio of judgments?  Looking for a partner who will collect judgments on your behalf?

We can helpJudgment Collection Specialists assists attorneys and law firms in the judgment recovery for their clients, on behalf of the law firm, to insure your clients' satisfaction.  

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Assisting Individuals with
Asset Search Services /
Collection on Select Cases:
Principal Rendered at Verdict
of $10,000 +
(with purchase of asset search)

Judgment Collection Specialists can help individuals in select cases.  Please read over our Asset Search pages or Judgment Recovery pages to understand more on how we assist individuals.

Asset Search - Our Asset Searches / Bank Account Searches are vital to the judgment recovery process in providing important information on your debtor's financial records / asset records.   Empowered with asset search / bank account search information - skip tracing, property search, and bank account search / bank account searches - every judgment creditor can work with their court-of-origin and/or attorney to perform the judgment collection.  

Judgment Recovery - We accept select cases from individuals with purchase of a complete asset search.  Please click link for more information.

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Does your  corporation, financial 
institution or government agency currently possess neither the knowledge or manpower to convert your civil judgments or into cash? 

Need more information on your judgment debtors to assist in the judgment recovery process, or an outsourcing solution that will collect judgments on your behalf?

Asset Search - Your staff may need knowledge.  Our asset search offerings - skip tracing, property search, and bank account search - will provide your legal, collections or credit staff the powerful information they need to recover judgment awards or tax warrants. 

Judgment Recovery - Your business or agency may need manpower.  Our judgment collection service is the outsourcing solution for corporations and financial institutions looking to collect on their portfolio of civil judgments.




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