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:: Asset Search

Does your legal, collections or credit staff need comprehensive debtor information to assist them in the collection of civil court judgments or tax warrants?

We can help.  Our asset search offerings - bank account searches, skip tracing, property searches  and combination asset search packages - provide your legal, collections or credit staff the powerful information they need to make a successful recovery on your portfolio of civil judgments or tax warrants.

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:: Judgment Recovery

Does your corporation, financial institution or collection agency have a portfolio of civil judgments that need converting into cash?

We may be able to help.  Our judgment recovery service is the outsourcing solution for corporations and financial institutions looking to collect on their portfolio of civil judgments.

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Asset Search

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Corporations and Financial Institutions - Is your legal, collections or credit staff involved in the recovery of your judgments, and needing assistance in researching your debtors?  Our state-of-the-art Asset Search Packages provide all the information your staff needs to find your debtors, their properties, bank accounts, and other potential hidden assets.  Our packages include:  comprehensive bank account searches, brokerage and investment account searches, skip tracing packages, employment searches, property searches, judgment & liens, corporate affiliations and asset search packages which combine services.

LARGE VOLUME DISCOUNTS - For government agencies, corporations and financial institutions with ongoing, larger volume and/or specialized asset search needs, please contact our offices.  Judgment Collection Specialists can set up an account for your agency that provides for streamlined requesting processes and monthly billing for a volume of
50 or more searches per month
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Our asset search prices are competitive, and all our searches are conducted on a NATIONWIDE basis.  Click Here to go to our ASSET SEARCH page.


Discount off list price for volume 50 or more per month

Government Agencies / Tax Assessors & Collectors - are you tired of your tax warrants going unanswered and unsatisfied?  You can take action!  Garnishing bank accounts belonging to your tax warrant subjects may be the best answer, and having current information is vital to the task.

We can help.  Our powerful bank account search offerings can find bank accounts for your subjects, so that you can garnish accounts for the purposes of satisfying tax warrants.  We offer bulk pricing on volume discounts of 60 searches per month or more.

Looking for more information on property, vehicles, and business affiliations?  We provide comprehensive information on your subjects' property ownership.  We also provide packages that combine bank account searches with our property search packages.

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Judgment Recovery

** We will accept judgment cases for evaluation where the
principal rendered at verdict is at least $10,000.

To qualify, our asset search services need to be utilized to 
understand debtor asset holdings.  If the asset search results indicate a collectible status for any of the judgments being considered, an assignment can be made.


Please download the application below for more information. **

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Your corporation or financial institution may lack the manpower to pursue the recovery of civil judgments in-house.  You may be looking for an outsourcing solution to assist in the collection of your organization's judgment debts.  Judgment Collection Specialists is your outsourcing resource for judgment enforcement.  We perform all aspects of judgment satisfaction, including debtor research, document preparation, court filings, and seizure of debtor assets as necessary.  Upon a successful recovery, Judgment Collection Specialists splits all proceeds according to our agreement. 

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:: Why You Should Choose Us

  • Collections Professionals Trained by the State Bar of Texas

  • Operates in Full Compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act, the 
    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
    , the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
    and all privacy law

  • Aggressive Use of Legal Debt Recovery Techniques

  • Best in Class Access to Relevant Debtor Information

  • Customized Reporting of Recovery Status Per Partner Requirements

  • Dependability/Consistency on a Nationwide Basis

  • Competitive, Flexible Profit-Sharing Rates

  • Bonded and Insured

  • Member in Good Standing with the National Judgment Network

  • Member in Good Standing with the Better Business Bureau